• Optimized C++ Review

    A practical guide to optimising modern C++ code. “Premature optimization is the root of all evil…” – Donald Knuth, from his 1974 Turing Award lecture Programmers have spent far too much time worrying about efficiency in the wrong places and at the wrong times. Premature optimization is the root of...

  • Another day another theme

    You wait ages for new posts and then two come along like buses. Moved the website over to the Centrarium Theme, still using the excellent Jekyll. Great to hear any feedback on the new theme. Further posts arriving shortly, honest.

  • Updated website theme

    Theme update Just a quick note that the website theme has been updated to pull in the latest changes from the Minimal Mistakes Theme. Will be blogging more shortly.

  • Essential C++ Books

    Here are my suggestions on the essential C++ books, following the links below will take you to Amazon. If you enter Amazon through the Snowgold site, and you buy anything, I will get a small commission. Whether you buy at Amazon directly or enter via this site, your prices don’t...

  • New Website, New Theme

    Website upgrade Just a quick note that am moving the website to use Jekyll to generate the static content and using the Minimal Mistakes Theme for the added pizzazz. The financial glossary, option calculator and date calculator pages have been ported over, leaving them with their original post dates which...